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Where to Shop and Stock Up for your Rental Home on Martha's Vineyard

Before visitors arrive on the island, their rental should be ideally stocked with all the things needed for the perfect vacation.

It's the height of the summer, which means more and more renters are arriving to Martha's Vineyard for fun in the sun. But before they arrive on the island, their rental should be ideally stocked with all the things needed for the perfect vacation. Whether you're a renter that has hired someone to stock your rental home or will be  stocking up on the first day you're on island, here are our top ten items to stock your rental home on Martha's Vineyard with - and where to find them locally!

Towels & Linens

There's no need to bring linens to the Vineyard - some rentals will provide them but if you're looking for a service to provide them, you can order them online at Martha's Linen Rentals. A locally owned and operated business, their goal is to process and manage your linen needs effectively so you can enjoy our beautiful island without worrying about bed sheets and towels. Simply choose the items you wish to have dropped off on your arrival and they will make sure they are waiting for you! All you have to do is unpack your belongings and head for one of our beautiful beaches!

Pantry Goods

Making sure you have a fully stocked pantry is essential when visiting for more than a few days because you need to be prepared when hunger hits. Not only that, but supporting our local shops is one of the best ways to get to know the island community. For everything from condiments to spices and everything in between, we love the following markets: Edgartown Meat & Fish (check out their condiment selection, it's the best), Tony's Market (grab a few of their premade subs for quick lunches), Vineyard Grocer (great selection of vegan goods), Chilmark General Store (they carry some unique ice cream brands we love), and Cronig's Market (perfect for bulk buying).

Fresh Produce

When visiting Martha's Vineyard, you'll be shocked to discover that we have dozens of local farms scattered across the island! Farms of all sizes, they provide nourishment and food for our island community of locals and visitors alike. Whether you're cooking for your family on vacation or looking for beach snacks, these farms will have everything and more that you need for all of that. Stop by Morning Glory Farm for one of the widest selection of locally grown produce, drive to The Grey Barn & Farm for certified organically grown produce and incredible cheeses, stroll North Tisbury Farm for not only gorgeous produce but unique food items, and check out Ghost Island Farm for even more delightful produce. All of these farms either grow their own produce or support a community of farmers on the island that do!


Most rentals come fully stocked with pots and pans, as well as silverware and flatware for your dining needs, but if you need specialty items, there are some great shops to curate them from. If you're looking for baking pans to make a cake on island, Granite Store in Edgartown is your go to shop - they have it all. If you're looking for a specialty appliance, LeRoux Kitchen in Vineyard Haven will have what you need.


Essentials like toilet paper, diapers, napkins, paper towels, disposable plates, and the likes can be found at the usual spots like Stop & Shop in both Vineyard Haven and Edgartown, as well as quick stops like the Edgartown Paper Store or Reliable Market in Oak Bluffs.

Baby Essentials

One thing you definitely don't need to haul on your flight or drive here is baby gear. MV Baby Rent is a local company that rents out almost everything you might need for babies and kids on vacation. From car seats, strollers, baby tubs, cribs, beach umbrellas and toys, baby monitors, and so much more, they rent items daily, weekly, or monthly, at fair prices.

Pet Supplies

Bringing your furry friend to the island? A quick stop at a local grocery store will have your basic food needs for your dog or cat, but if you're looking for specialty pet stores, you must visit the one and only Good Dog Goods in Oak Bluffs. A great shop with toys and supplies to make your dogs happy, we love stopping into this happy place.

Beach Gear

If you're looking to get beach chairs and the likes, first check if your rental supplies it - some of them do! But if they don't, MV Baby Rent mentioned above rents them and you can also shop for them at locally owned hardware stores like Edgartown Hardware or Granite Store.

Bicycles & Mopeds

Getting around the island in the summer is a fun time, and to do it safely, make sure to rent safety equipment like helmets when you rent a bike or moped. Rent bicycles on Martha's Vineyard from Wheel Happy BicyclesMartha's Vineyard Bike Rentals, and Anderson's Bike Rentals. For mopeds, rent them from any of thelocally owned shops, mostly found in Oak Bluffs.

Drinks & More

Everyone on vacation needs to stay hydrated, where it's with alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages. A variety of package stores will provide those for you - from our exclusive wine shops to liquor stores and everything in between, you can get your favorite, beer, wine, and soda even delivered to your rental! Check out Jim's Package StoreMV Wine & SpiritsVintage MV Wine & Spirits, and Rosewater Wine & Spirits.